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      Mother, I ᴛʀɪᴇᴅ please believe me ——
                                   I’m doing the best that I can.

           I’m αѕнαмєɗ of the things I’ve 
           been put through.
                             I’m ASHAMED 
                             of the person I am.



   And who have we hear?

The red-eyed demon shifted closer towards the sheikah,
paying close attention to when he would be noticed or not.

   Hehe…you ought to pay more attention to your surroundings,

        A pause, a twitch of ears, and his head snapped to the side, 
        bandaged fingers stilling on the strings of his lyre. 
         That was all that escaped the Sheikah, blond head tilting to
         the side, tanned features impassive. Slender fingers came to
         rest on the cool metal of the instrument, though he longed to
         reach for his blade: Instincts told him that he was potentially in
       ”If you mean me ill-will, monster,” came quiet tones, “then you
         will find that I am not in the mood to play.”

       ––And behold: He is lost in the music, 
       paying no attention to the world around him.

____-_He is a weapon, a killer. Do not forget it. You can use a spear as a walking stick, but that will not change its nature.
Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles (via claircouteau)
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                                                      oot sheik; male.                                                  somewhat selective.                                                   default post-game.                                              six+ years of rp experience.                                               written by umbra (aka cat).

                                                            oh, mine enemy:                                                                do i terrify?

                                                      oot sheik; male.
                                                  somewhat selective.
                                                   default post-game.
                                              six+ years of rp experience.
                                               written by umbra (aka cat).

                                                            oh, mine enemy:
                                                                do i terrify?



{蓮} - “Kanda.” He didn’t remark about
           Sheik’s second question, but his
           eyes narrowed, his hands still on
           his blade. 


        “I mean you no harm,” came the quiet response,
          hands careful to not stray too close to his own
          blade. Wariness he could respect –– as a warrior,
          he had been raised to be cautious
         ”I am not one to seek out violence.”




        She just lays her head on his shoulder. She’s missed him — a lot.

       And there came a smile, small and secret:
       Her absence had been dually noted and 
       left the Sheikah feeling quite lonely. 
       Oh; how he had missed his friend –– she was
       such a vital part of his life now.
      “How have you been faring…?”
      (Shh, don’t tell –– perhaps he just wanted to 
       hear her voice.)




                        ≺ ❛ ’ It’s not m y blood. ‘≻ 

        “Well, there is a relief.
         ––Are you unharmed?”




{} - “Who the hell are you?”

          “I am called Sheik, of the Sheikah tribe.
           Who are you?
           ––Are you always so polite to strangers?”

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